Now that we have the whole story, including the fact that there were only two pieces of artwork, both of which were done by the same artist, who did not keep them up just out of spite for anyone, we can finally draw the curtain on this incident.  The artist was unaware that the character was someone’s OC to begin with, and did not draw those two images to cause drama.

Also, as it turns out, it was a couple of 4chan trolls idiots morons users that were sending those images to the family in purpose, fully intending to cause trouble by doing so.  The artist had nothing to do with this behavior.

If you would be so kind, you can now stop trying to blame an entire group of thousands for the actions of a single, completely unaware artist that meant no ill intent whatsoever, and a couple of deliberate troublemakers. 

I would ask that no further negativity regarding this incident be spread, out of respect for both Sylvain, and his mother.

well then

Ahh ok, I apologise for reblogging that post earlier, it’s good that we have the whole story now.

Too late. And nobody gives a shit, in reality.

It’s a shame, people don’t give posts like these the time of day but will stop everything they’re doing to reblog something negative, most of the time it’s a fabrication and they don’t look over the facts first, I unfortunately fell victim to that today, but I’ve apologised for my bad mistake. Guess the least people can do is just keep reblogging this post. Hammer it into people’s dashboards so they can’t ignore it, I dunno, at least try to make people see the truth.

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Man, this new brony documentary sure looks fascinating!

I wouldn’t suggest watching in full view, the video apparently has resolution issues.

(The only thing in the video that belongs to me is my voice in the beginning, apart from that the BG music is by Celldweller, the pictures and videos are taken randomly from Youtube and Google)


I’d watch it!

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